Updated WordPress

I just updated to version 2.2 so please pardon the mess :/

Let me know what you think of the layout by voting on the poll in the side bar.

10 thoughts on “Updated WordPress

  1. Ok I think its a cool layout, First to vote!

    Hey when you upgrade to 2.2 do you back up wp-content? When I tried to back it up it was huge!! And took a damn long time or can I just upgrade right away!

  2. Hasan.B, the layout is now three columns instead of two.

    Marzouq, my blog is local (see the about page) so it’s easy for me to manage my files. You’ll have to read the instructions on how to upgrade from certain versions of wordpress but in general this is what you need to do:

    1. Backup database, wp-content, wp-config.php (just in case)

    2. Disable all extensions.

    3. Delete all files except wp-config.php and wp-content folder from the server.

    5. Upload the new files without replacing wp-content or wp-config.php

    6. Run the upgrade.php script

  3. Hi 3baid,

    I like the idea of 3 columns you can put more info in shorter page. My side menu goes crazy down longer than post it self, and I’m too sad to remove any item :P

    I may consider trying your layout, though it becomes a bit crowded don’t u think?

  4. pinkjawbreaker, thank you :)

    Bashar, I still can’t tell which one I prefer because no matter how short the posts are, the comments will always extend a page downward, so… *shrug* :/

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