It Can’t Get Any Crazier

Inflatable Farm Animals

Kuwaiti Femme is back in Kuwait -actually she’s probably on her way home as I type this- and since it’s very late and everybody’s too tired to personally say welcome back, my friends and I thought we ought to leave some accessorized inflatable farm animals to greet her on our behalf. She’s going to be in for a surprise XD

Update: It wasn’t Kuwaiti Femme, there was a slight misunderstanding of who she was (my friends have the same first names, go figure).


11 thoughts on “It Can’t Get Any Crazier

  1. Lalaly, gimme your address and leave home XD

    Hmm.. maybe I could start a company for front-door surprises. :/

    Cixousy, thank you, they were pretty much the only ones available really ;P

  2. hehehe yeaaaaaaaa u go ahead and start a company that puts inflatable animals at the front door :D

    Welcome home Kuwaiti Femme!

  3. loooooooooooooool


    i have the cow


    وسالفتها سااااالفه،، و من كثر ما احب البقر انا و صديقتي شريت لها ميلكااااا

    و احلى شي الجرس اذا فغصته

    lol :D:D


    do u know??? ako kakaw from that brand! tra wallah hal MILKA shakh9eya mohema in the world ;p

    i loooooooove it

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