A Cosmic Psychic Telepathic Whatchamacallit!

There’s something really strange going on today. It appears that there was a misunderstanding about who those farm animals were intended for. Here’s how the truth was unraveled:

Kuwaiti Femme IM’ed me linking to my post and told me that she’s still not back but appreciated that I had intended them for her. I quickly called my friend who planned the “surprise” and asked him about the girl we were supposed to greet. As it turns out, Kuwaiti Femme and the returning girl have identical first names, and was the cause for all the confusion on my part.

I quickly cleared up the names, updated the post, then litterally, within a few moments later, my other friend calls me -out of the blue- and says, “Hey, I’m here with Cixousianpanic (who wasn’t aware of who I was until now.. Hi Cixousy! :D) and we were just talking about your blog. She’s asking me why you had those balloons at Kuwaiti Femme’s house?”

And I gasp, “I just figured that out a few minutes ago!” @_@

Note: If this post made no sense, it’s because I have finals.

7 thoughts on “A Cosmic Psychic Telepathic Whatchamacallit!

  1. Made perfect sense man, you, finals, Cixousy, party, same names all makes perfect sense. Just put the gun down real slow and everything is going to be ok ;)

  2. 3baid, I have questions.

    1) Is podcast the same as mp4?
    2) Is podcast just a small show for an IPOD?
    3) Where can I download short shows (for free) for my ipod? Specifically cartoons? Like Tom&Jerry or Looneytunes but for the ipod?

  3. Duckie, a podcast can be anything: audio, video, pictures, pdf files.. anything!

    MP4 is just a video format that the ipod supports.

    iPods are not the only devices that can play/view podcasts. You can watch podcasts on your computer without the need of any device.

    For cartoon podcasts, go to the iTunes Music Store, click podcasts, and pick the categories you like. There’s tons of stuff and it’s all free.

    If you’re still confused, go here and read all about it.

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