The Finer Things In Life…

In no particular order:

Very tech-oriented, I know :P


11 thoughts on “The Finer Things In Life…

  1. Gmail (Check)
    Intel (Check)
    Friends (Check)
    Super Smash Brothers(Halo… Check)
    1 MBps Uncapped (Check)
    Amazon (Check)
    iPods (Nope)
    Podcasts (Not My Thing)
    Terabytes of shared Data (Check, Anime Check Check)
    Youtube (Check)
    HD – TV (Check)


    I agree with you on all of the above!

  2. Gmail – ofcourse, but you should make it Google as a whole
    Intel – not yet
    Friends – have few of them, but are nice and decent.
    Super Smash Brothers – naah… I always lose so it’s not a good game!
    1 MBps Uncapped – I’d die for one
    Amazon – Ofcourse.. as a customer. My friend just got $200 refund because Apple Macbook Pro price went down after new version release.
    iPods – think I’ll get one
    Podcasts – Not My Thing either
    Terabytes of shared Data – exclude Anime part… yeah!
    Youtube – sure
    HD – TV – I just got my new Sony one. It hurts first when you swipe the card, but after that it’s all fun

    you forgot Wii I believe

  3. I don’t care whether you want to or not. I’m getting your friend code for SSBB for online play. I’m still hoping they announce Marth as one of the playable characters…he kicks ass.

    And I agree with most of the stuff you mentioned…technology is fun.

  4. Bashar, I wanted to be specific on certain points, for example the Wii is great, but it’s the games that you spend hours and hours on at a time that count, right?

    Google is good as well, but some of their services are slightly disappointing, primarily blogger and youtube. Okay, so they’re not completely Google-ized products, but they need numerous improvements.

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