Starting this week, you may have difficulty accessing this blog since the electricity will be going out in most parts of Kuwait. Unless I’m home, there’s no way for me to automatically turn the server back on, so lets hope the batteries can last for the 45 minutes of downtime :/


9 thoughts on “Reminder

  1. Fayoor, are you asking why the Kuwait’s electricity is going down or why the blog is going down?

    Papillona kinda went there but I dunno if that’s permanent or temporary.

    Laialy, and to think I’m using fluorescent lamps to save power, I’d get some sort of bonus :/

    Missy, it’s not dead, its… sleeping :P

  2. Marzouq, 80% of houshold electricity is consumed by the AC. The majority of the rest is consumed by devices that have motors like the washing machine.

    If people set their AC to 20-25 degrees celcius (the temperature at which the AC is operating at maximum efficiency), keep doors closed and turn off the water boilers, we’d save a lot more power.

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