Blogging Motives & Incentives

Not sure what to blog about? Well, here’s a set of brainstorm bullet-points to motivate you:

  • Don’t underestimate your audience; you probably have more readers than you might think.
  • Don’t underestimate yourself either; be creative and exploit your talents! Do what you’re good at, then have a go at what you’re not.
  • Remember: if it’s on the web, anyone could be reading it. No, that’s a good thing!
  • Help mankind; write something beneficial to society. It can be as simple as a recipe!
  • Posts with a few comments don’t necessarily mean that nobody is interested in them.
  • Don’t try to fool your readers; they are intelligent, aware, and will move on if they doubt your legitimacy.
  • Avoid being opinionated. If you have something to complain about, present your arguments in a rational manner then try to propose a solution or a suggestion.
  • When you have a new idea (however small it may be), apply it! That’s how Kuwait Paper Dump was born. In fact, this list can be considered as the outcome of yet another small idea.
  • You don’t have to do all the work on your own; collaborate like the folks at Deera Chat.

Blogging tips:

  • Don’t hesitate to include links in your posts. Link to related websites, Wikipedia, or even your previous posts so that it’s easier for your readers to pursue the relative topics. Plus, it makes things more colorful :P
  • Adding images/pictures/video/audio to your posts makes the text more approachable.
  • Try to keep the attitude and general theme of your blog positive, otherwise people will feel reluctant to read.

Still don’t know what to blog about?
Browse some inspirational Kuwaiti blogs:

Blogging Benefits:

  • Improve writing and communication skills.
  • Explore and discover people, ideas and information.
  • Get ahold of an expert. Chances are, your readers know about your subjects and can help you with them.
  • You can build up your online reputation and have readership loyalty.
  • Open the door for new opportunities: Some good focused bloggers have published books.
  • Your blog is your notepad and memo. You can keep things for reference and search for them later when you need them.

External Links:

If you have any additions to the previous points, please leave a comment below :)


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