Icecream? Sure!


“Hey look, maybe it’s Sou-flavored” XD


18 thoughts on “Icecream? Sure!

  1. Hahahahaha, “Sou-flavoured”?!

    Well first of all, they look disturbing, BUT…they taste good!

    And the mint-green coloured ice-cream on the bottom left corner…that’s MY FAVE ice cream flavour of ALL time; Mint Choclate Chip :D

  2. Hey 3baid, seems you admit you have down time. It’s not only me now :)
    Even with Safari (claimed fastest browser) it’s not loading fast :P

    Anyways, this looks like kids clay (6en) or something. My favorite is chocolate and vanilla mix. And if it’s real hot and I’ve been walking under the sun and have headache, this mix in milkshake makes the best heal for the pain ;)

  3. Bashar, I had downtime because bittorrent saturated my connection :/

    I agree that it looks like play dough in a way! Milkshakes are good too :]

  4. I have no idea why is it reminding me of my science class in elementery school where we have to experiment with ink and water … These old days…

    Well, I love my Ice-creams ,, but I like try healthier options now and then… and so; Sorbet is always in my frezer especailly the Mango/Lemon Flavour.

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