3baid, Mita Yanzil?

Kitty iphone

The iPhone is out –I’m not even going to link to the ubiquitous news– and people I know have been itching to touch one, but unless you live in the US, your best bet is to wait ’till the end of the year if not longer.


11 thoughts on “3baid, Mita Yanzil?

  1. Fayoor, if it’s not obvious by now, I like kitties :P

    Marzouq, cats love Apple products too!

    Baby Lalaly, ignore iPhone?! But it’s going to “revolutionize the phone!™” @_@

  2. Hey 3baid, sup ?

    Hmmmm i dunno really the iPhone lacks of simple functions like 3G,MMS,A2DP and MP3 ringtones even you can’t record your video :\ but still the iPhone looks cool..guess i have to wait for new versions of the phone

    btw cool blog :D

    Peace …

  3. Hala Yousif :)

    There are a lot of articles about how bad the iPhone is, but I think it’s a good start for Apple so far. They released a firmware update today as well! Maybe they’ll slowly add more features as they go along, but just like the iPod, it will get better with time.

  4. I am in the USa.. but I would wait till next yr.

    a) It’s bound to be faulty (ipod flashback.)
    b) I can’t wait for them to make them in fun colors.. who want’s the standard black?
    c) As always, prices come down, product quality goes up.. win win if you ask me 3baid :P

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