It’s Fast and Pretty


I’ve been playing with Leopard this morning; OS X has never felt so polished. The dock is reflective and running apps have a little subtle blue light glowing in front of them (Click on the screenshot to enlarge).

Quick Look would definitely be one of my favorite features as it saves time by not having to open any program to view the contents of files. Combined with Cover Flow, file browsing couldn’t be any faster. Oh and Quicktime finally supports fullscreen view without having to pay for the Pro version! (Apple, what took you so long?)

My only gripe is that it consumes huge amounts of virtual memory; somewhere between 25 to 32 GB of space! And I haven’t run any big apps yet (See screenshot again). To put things in perspective, my Tiger install typically consumes 5 to 10 GB. Makes me wonder if, Apple is trying to push towards 64-bit to break the 4 GB RAM barrier…

All in all, not many innovations, but certainly numerous improvements on just about every aspect of the OS. If you plan on buying this version when it’s released in October, get as much RAM as you can afford! >_<


14 thoughts on “It’s Fast and Pretty

  1. How on the world did you get your hands on Leopard? Are you an Apple Developer Connection subscriber or something.

    Anyway, I cannot wait for this one to come out and I’m gonna equip my “future” Macbook with 120GB…hopefully it will have enough space.

  2. That means I should consider a new Mac. My trusty PowerBook won’t be able to handle it I guess, even with the 1.25GB RAM. Hmmm….

    Though it sure looks great and will definitely demolish vista.

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