Wii Fit

A while back, Laialyq8 mentioned that her brother got a Wii; convinced that it would get him to lose weight. And despite that many websites have popped up promoting similar “Wii Health” concepts, a few have remained skeptical about their effectiveness. Including Laialy herself ;P

Yesterday during the E3 press conference, Nintendo announced Wii Fit; a “game” that takes players through a series of physical exercises using a new wireless Balance Board of-sorts (comes packaged) and judges your fitness accordingly. The board can measure your weight, balance as well as center of mass to determine your body’s condition. You can watch the whole demonstration here.

This announcement reaffirms Nintendo’s serious stance on pushing the boundaries of casual gaming with Brain Training series on the DS, and now, body training on Wii. They certainly made a fine job of reaching out to the masses in my opinion.


11 thoughts on “Wii Fit

  1. LooL
    my bro has not even lost a pound
    but that is really worth looking into, they are really pushing for something different that could be very beneficial
    PS. your website was down this morning -_-

  2. Chikapappi, LOL I post whenever I have something to say :P

    Laialy, he’s not playing enough! XD And sorry about the downtime, I had to download a bunch of stuff. I figured most people were asleep anyway hehe :P

    Eshda3wa, *nod* :)

  3. I think Nintendo is really thinking out of the box and getting the people who don’t even think about getting a video game console to think about getting the Wii! I don’t know what the realistic affects are going to be, but its going to be interesting for sure!

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