“Shino 8a9dik?” (What do you mean?)

The number of internet user is constantly increasing over time and older Arab newcomers generally feel disoriented when it comes to deciphering the arabic-letter number representation. So here’s what I found: a wonderful table from Wikipedia that explains it all! I wanted post it here for general reference.


17 thoughts on ““Shino 8a9dik?” (What do you mean?)

  1. It may have been tedious when it was typed, but Wikipedia is growing to be one of the most convenient sources of information in the world! :o

  2. 5osh! :P

    you’re right.. the older generation might have difficulty understanding it, o ana I use it even when I message my parents – most times they don’t get it.. I think I’m printing this and sticking it on the fridge door!

  3. Actually it’s ISHGA9DIK and not ISH’3A9DIK. That’s like ‘gaima’ insead of ”3aima’ or ‘borta’3ala’ instead of ‘bortagala’.

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