“3baid, I’m Thinking of Quitting”

I’ve read so many blogging guides on the web, but the majority of them are aimed towards corporate blogs. It’s seems that nobody really knows why exactly regular people want to blog, what is expected of bloggers or if there are any guidelines of any sort. In more recent weeks, I’ve been hearing so many bloggers declaring their last posts or at least contemplating it. (Nunu & Papillona, you’re still missed :/)

For that reason, I pushed myself into writing a list of blogging incentives in hopes of motivating current bloggers and maybe bringing back the, ex-bloggers shall we call them? It’s far from perfect, but at least it might inspire some of you (as well as myself) for those times when blogging feels tedious and boring. Please feel free to leave your comments here if you have anything you wish to add to it, thanks.


27 thoughts on ““3baid, I’m Thinking of Quitting”

  1. Why do people Want guids all the time.

    you do it just for the sake of doing it.

    Its fun, informative and teaches you stuff. even if it had only cons
    you dont need rules in the bloging worlds its a different layer.

  2. Hitman1, I stopped blogging because it had consumed so much of my time. But now that I’m hosting my blog locally, and using WordPress’ Ajax, it’s so much faster for me and I don’t have to worry about downtime. Also note that my posts here aren’t as long and contemplated as they were on blogspot.

    Fayoor, sure it’s fun, but what do you have to say to the ones who’re bored of it?

  3. Some good info on their..

    Like you said some blogs come and go.. But people just have to remain motivated to do what they do.. and some people just need a break. Some blogs just keep chugging along!

  4. On the contrary 3baid. I see the blogosphere booming and booming. There are quitters ofcourse. People who get bored, who have nothing to write about, people who may be less innovative might get bored eventually.

    For me, I started in the blogosphere less than a year ago by the motivation of one of my friend. I first started sending mails to my groups about the technical and gaming news I come across. Then I started writing small paragraphs with the link, then I realized it’s getting longer and longer, and many on my list are not interested in all the things I write about. Google launched new service, this new cool game is coming, and Microsoft are pushing the monopoly borders even further. These are my thoughts, and normally not the interest of all others. I started the blog to write about what I come across. Express my opinion, share it with people, and get useful feedback from those people. You and many other commentors have helped me quite a lot.

    One guy comments on your thought, you visit that guy blog, find some new ideas, and from that blog new links. Blogosphere is becoming an unofficial worldwide news source as I see it. Fastest community sites are now based on blogs. What’s good is about it, is that you say what ever you like. And people will reveal new and good sites that people are unaware of. It’s a simple concept with unlimited borders. Your Kuwait Paper Dump is the perfect example for this. It’s business address book if you wanna call it.

    To make clean list of advantages, here is what I think:
    1- Improve writing and communication skills
    2- Explore and get to know new things you didn’t know about
    3- Interact with the best. From my blog, I got to contact elite people whom I never thought I can get hold of.
    4- Create your reputation. Good posts will result in more visitors and loyalty.
    5- Open the door for new opportunities: Some good focused bloggers have published books around what they write about all the time, and have made money out of it. Why? Cause people love and trust them.
    6- It’s a memo for you. When I write about cool Firefox extensions or some articles, I sometimes go back and search my blog for reference again.

    Sorry for the long comment, but your post deserves attention.

  5. Hey… did I mention that all my words online are copy protected by law. It is also patented by the US Patent & Trademark Office :>

    I will sue you and ask for P of the revenue this blog is going to make. If you come back and say you don’t have any ads, I will double sue you for forbidding me a valuable stream of income.

    P.S: I keep trying to shoot lawsuits. Some day, one stupid case will click, I will be millionaire and never work again!

  6. i dont think there should be any rules and tips on blogging.. it is a place where writers express their language without boundaries or rules, where they share their words with the world.
    blogging to me is a microtoming world, i tiny world in microns.

  7. Bashar, LOOL! This is a non-profit organization! Besides, if you read the fine print, everything you type here is automatically owned by me and I have all rights to edit them or sell them :P (Don’t you just hate technicalities?)

    Judy, I’m not setting rules, I’m giving tips on how to IMPROVE blogging in general so bloggers remain interested.

  8. Judy Abbott i have agree with 3baid, he has only given tips or suggestion on what basis blogging could continue. Blogging is vast topic its could be from basic ramblings to Storyline and poetry .. all of which is basically the personality of the blogger.

  9. Personally, in the past 2 years, I created two blogs and ended up deleting them and currently hosting a third one. It’s just that I lose interest in blogging sometimes and I seriously see no reason for doing it, especially when its created to function purely as an online diary on day-2-day actions and I find that aimless. There ARE ‘rare’ blogs out there that are very interesting and with a clear sense of purpose, for example a mathematician and a photographer’s blog and it’s interesting to see their unique perspectives to life or from a politicial or literary .
    point of view- that’s interesting also.

  10. LOL! blue dress said ooprse because she posted under my name HAHAHA .. when i read my comment i was like “WHEN DID I POST THAT?” chan ashoof blue dress under chan astaw3eb hehehe

    Why I blog :
    – To re-read it when I’m old and cranky :P

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