On Dishdasha Shopping Guides:


“…there should be a website for this kind of thing. Quick 3baid, make one!” -Friend


17 thoughts on “On Dishdasha Shopping Guides:

  1. Someone make one please! I go shopping for dishdasha cloth and am faced by a wall of cloth. How am I supposed to know which one to pick?

  2. If there are two things that I hate in dishdashas it’s the triangle collar that looks like a shirt’s collar and dishadeesh ‘6aija- wai3 wai3 waaaai3. And since we’re on the subject of dishdashas, I might add that the starched GITRA that looks like SAMBOOSAK tilted to the right- that I hate too, so do make sure you do not incorporate those styles into your website in order to reduce the HALAGA bil Kuwait :)

  3. E wallah!! It does look like that. I love the gitra and it looks really really hot when it’s naturally folded, simple, kash5a o cool, but some of them I have no idea where they get that starch from, itiyabas and doesn’t move and it’s REALLY HUGE like a bit triangle on their heads. I remember this very well because there was a guy in my class who sits in front of me with a head-dress like that when I was in Uni. I always imagined him twirling on his spot- that’s the only way it will move. Hehehehe…

  4. loooool . agree with missy . and i think its hotter when the man is Tall , 3areeth and tawa em7aleq!

    btw nice blog
    o thnx ajrna o ajrk . adre u probably dont know the girl… but send the fat7a to Zaina’s soul ;( .


  5. hahahhaa..

    I got the disdasha thing down from the materials to the brands to the thickness and what its used for. I have been doing this for a while, and I know the nice way not the Triangle way! loooool!

  6. There should be a website to encourage guys to wear dishdasha more often. In my house it’s only my father; my brothers will only wear it for Friday prayer (without ghitra), Eid and special occasions!!

  7. eww Dishdashas lol I don’t know why I hate them X(


    ambaih tara seriously I was shocked when I saw your comment cuz my blog was fee wa’93 mozrey jedan and I didn’t want anyone to see it, bas enta yenni madry men wain 6la3tly lol XD

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