My iMac Died :(

iMac G5
I heard a weird whining sound this morning that came from my iMac, but I figured it was just a clogged fan so I ignored it. A couple of hours later, while browsing the web, and without prior warning, the computer turned off!

I quickly turned it back on to check for any errors in the logs, but nothing showed up so I assumed it was a power failure of some sort (ministry’s fault?). The computer seemed to function just fine and I kept working on it for another hour or so until I had to go out with some friends. When I got back, I found the computer had been turned off again, but this time, it won’t turn back on!

I opened the case and checked the diagnostic LEDs and according to the Apple website, I have “trickle voltage” from my voltage supply.

*sigh* ..Now I have to go and get it fixed :/ Mind you, this computer is slightly less than 2 years old.


16 thoughts on “My iMac Died :(

  1. You mac guys would suffer a bigger financial hit when your computers die. Any component you have replace, you would probably have to pay the Apple tax for it in addition in its real cost. With PCs you simply troubleshoot the bad component and replace it with many available alternates in the market.

    I hope the HD survived. That at least would not make it as bad as it could be.

  2. It’s a shame this is happening to Mac. I started to realize they are all mostly the same, so perhaps more economic one is better. You just throw it away, or give it to your kid!

    Friend of mine has more funny problem. Occasionally he gets shocked from using it. He figured he needs to take his foot of the floor to kill close circuits ;/ That would go as real funny I’m Mac and I’m PC ad.

    Hope you get it back in shape. For me, when what you say happened it was Hard disk failure and Bye Bye old data.

  3. The data (hard drive) is fine. It’s just the power supply. I have to admit, my iMac hasn’t been turned off (or put to sleep) much since I got it two years ago so I’d say it’s probably my fault that caused the hardware failure. :/

  4. Sorry to hear that, el buga eb rasik. :P

    @ Bashar: It’s been two years since I got my PowerBook, it hasn’t been shut down for ages, I do restart it from time to time but never shut down. Current battery health is 36%. Power failure is not very common in laptops, battery failure is.

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