Upgrade Complete!

Upgrade Cat

Thank you for your patience folks, I’ve upgraded the server, disabled Gzip compression and added the WordPress Cache plugin which in layman’s terms means you should get faster page loads from now on.

For the curious, the server uptime was 149 days. I managed to do all the upgrading without having to turn off the server but then I accidentally made an odd key-press that caused the package installer to stop accepting commands so I had to restart. My bad :P


13 thoughts on “Upgrade Complete!

  1. weee weee weee- sino hadeee!!! waaai ya labi- nig6a!!! malat akaaaal!!! squishy lil face!!! LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!

    She only needs a ribbon around her neck with a bell and when she hops around the house she goes “ting ting ting ting….ting”


  2. Mabrook! I’d so love to play around with linux. I was given the insane idea to throw out my current windows machine and replace it with linux. That is so tempting! I’d have to admit, it probably wouldn’t happen anytime soon! Good stuff and keep up the good work.

    btw, do you use a UPS? If so, which would you recommend.


    And did you say something about upgrade? Yeah I can feel a difference :)


  4. 3baid, I heard you are open for public hosting :D I want to relocate my blog from my current host to 3baidhost. Please let me know how you want me to proceed with the transfer LOL :D

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