Maintain Composure

“You can get away with almost anything… as long as you remain cute!” -3baid


14 thoughts on “Maintain Composure

  1. looooool it’s true!! I used to have a friend that calls me up and drags me with her to places just to get her through things that she’s been trying for ages to do. She calls it me being ‘cute’. I call it “NLP” =P ..hehe not really. Just smile, make lots of eye contact and giggle *poof* done =D Except for one time with a cop who gave me a ticket. There wasn’t anything remotely related to cuteness that I haven’t done and it still didn’t work on that idiot.

  2. Chikapappi, you’re absolutely right. I would never disrespect myself in the way you implied it. Its all about your charisma and the vibes you send out not by acting like a sl*T. According to NLP, they teach you how to send out signals and win your opponent without really doing much, but tht’s the secret of it ;) And it helps being a woman hehehe..

  3. i so much agree !! its true .. lot of women use that way to get away with anything they did .. but as for me i only use it with my parents lol .. well i used to do that in the uni .. not all the time .. twice maybe lol :P

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