How About…

Less Ramadan drama shows this year, and more classic cartoons, like the good ol’ days?

For adults

Sally – Even my mother and aunts used to watch it.

For Teens

3annaba – Fun adventure with humorous characters and cheesy princess chasing.

For kids

Sindibad – Another good classic with lots of fantasy.


19 thoughts on “How About…

  1. You brought back memories :'[ I wish I could go back to that age!!! I wish they would put these old cartoons instead of the halaga and stupidity they infest our TVs with every year. Especially those masra7iyat- when they jump around with stupid music and go “YALLAH TA3ALAW SHOOFOONA BLA BLA BLA” I have the urge to strangle them all.

  2. Hmm… not really, except for Sindbad o bombo, the yellow car … bas I don’t want them having too many show because there’s not time for that during Ramadan and we miss most of them… also no need to jam everthin’ up in 30 days

  3. kids Cartoon are over now. Just every few years someone stun the fans with something like block 13 thats it. Really sad but true. Reality is, adult and teenage tv series means more money for actors and directors, unlike bought cartoons which just occupy time others can utilize to make money.

    Sad but true. Result is, ramadan is full of junk tv shows. EVERYONE even religious people want their share. I do know it’s supposed to be religious month, but I know also not all participant are on TV for religious motives. Driving it commercially sometimes.

    Well at least this year there is bo qatada :).

  4. yes yes yes!! a few months ago i bought sally, lady lady and bumbo:p much much better than what’s gonna be on tv!

    bu nabeel and bu qutada on tv?:s this should be interesting..

  5. Sally made me cry!! but.. I still love it :P

    No no no!! This year I think MBC is playing a soap called Al-Malik Farouq and its about the last Egyptian king. That should be interesting! I wanna see it so bad – the other night some other arabic channel had a movie on Soraya the second wife of Iran’s last Shah – it was so heartbreaking! :P

    (I like movies/series based on real characters/ stories especially those regarding the Middle East cause all the other true life productions are on the khalifas that lived a couple of centuries ago … and I’ve watched all of those!!)

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