Simpsons Voice Actors

Did you know that Bart Simpson’s voice is done by a woman?


13 thoughts on “Simpsons Voice Actors

  1. Yeah I knew that from years ago! It was a surprise back then too! Just so you know, Naruto… he is voiced by a women in the first series, I’m not sure of it as Naruto Shippuuden though!

  2. eee i found out min zimaannnnn Dexter too from Dexter’s lab. See they can’t use boys cuz their voice gets low imagine the hassle of looking for a new voice every time that happens.

  3. That’s so cool. The guy who does the voice for homer looks cool haha, I bet he can really get laughs out of ppl :p

    Not only Naruto, but Hitsyuga from Bleach and Eric from FMA are done by the same woman. She’s very cool! ^_^

  4. OMG haha, you know how sometimes you read about something for the first time and then you notice it everywhere? LOL XD
    I read about this 2 days ago and now I’m reading it again at your blog aaaah o_O

    BTW Bart rocks B)

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