130 Cats in One Apartment

Someone in Russia lives with 130 cats -I’ve had dreams like this, I kid you not! XD

Check out the original article which includes a hectic video of the whole thing.

15 thoughts on “130 Cats in One Apartment

  1. Heaven! Heaven! Heaven!!!! An apartment filled with FURBALLS!!!!
    I had a dream like that too!

    But I’m only concerned about one thing: Cleanliness!

    I spent hundreds of dollars on Dr. bills, shampoos and manicures on my kittens just to keep them clean, their hair was always combed, nails cut, and they walked around smelling of baby powder. In fact, when I used to take them to the vet, he swore to me he never saw any clean cats like that before heheh *proud*

    But it was so tiring to keep them clean like that and they HATED the baths so much- they used to hide. Imagine how hard it would be to keep ALL OF THOSE CLEAN!!!!


  2. WOW… and i thought we had a lot when I was a kid. In the garden ofcourse, street cats whenever I make sound with the dish they come out of no where.

    Those days were fun :). I still got some photos with those little kitties. Mom later forced them out :(

  3. Thats insane! I like cats, but that.. seems to be overkill. Besides, I saw a movie once where a scary woman had tons of cats in her home. I can’t remember the name of the movie.

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