Balance: KD 7.650

After an unexpected puncture (thanks to the careless valet parkers!), I had to spend all of what’s left of my savings account to get my car tires replaced. Now all that I have left is some leftover change and I need to survive for another 20 days. Considering phone bills, my iMac repair and such, I’m technically beyond broke; I’m in debt! :'(

If you would like to support, please send all your donations to the H3F (Help 3baid Foundation!). Thank you.


21 thoughts on “Balance: KD 7.650

  1. I’ll help u ma3naWeyan =~]
    1. I’m jobless ke7em =]
    2. I had an accident o just paid 880 kd waiting for the insurance to cover o 6b3an i have to wait (8 months ~1 yr)
    3. my bank account can only cover my phone bills = 60 kd
    4. 7aleyan ana 3aala 3al mojtama3 =]

    ako at3as mn 7alty??
    atmanna akon khaffaft 3laik museebtik lol

  2. You can always borrow some money from family if you are really desperate. All you can do now is to wait for the next salary and suck it up until then :)

  3. hhmmm.. don’t you work? You should be working at IT company! I could have a job for you but it means you won’t be seeing the sun anytime soon!

    I recommend credit cards and pay it off when you can! lol!

  4. this will teach how to save for the rainy days such as these.

    *some nice lounge music in the background* *a womans voice* Are you having Money problems? Are you not balancing your accounts? then see Laialy at her office in 9al7iyah where she can help you manage your money and your life :p

  5. Angelo, borrowed money is barely enough :P

    Marzouq, I have no certification whatsoever for such a job. It’s all self-interest-driven :P

    Laialy, *enchanted* can you make my dreams come true too? @o@

    Chikapappi, can I borrow your ATM machine instead? XD

  6. How about that:

    1- I just resigned and will not have salary for sometime
    2- i have a wife and kid
    3- i need to buy new car
    4- i need to buy new phone
    5- i need new cabinet mine has got full
    6- my kid have discovered the joy of Future Kid and now this means extra spending every week
    7- i might need new laptop, i will give mine back to company

    I think i will survive… It’s called saving :)

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