No More Mac DVDs

Mac Big Store

Not sure when the switch was made, but it seems that Mac DVDs (blocked by FastTelco?) is now known as MacBigStore.

Apple Card Reader
Oh, and they sell an Apple-shaped SD/MMC card reader! XD


10 thoughts on “No More Mac DVDs

  1. I like MacDVDs. I always buy from them, and I saw their new ‘improved’ site. Is it a coincidence that they changed it after the new MOI regulations? I have a feeling those computers and gadgets dont exist. It’s just a haux to cover up the illegal business. Didn’t you notice there are no prices for the movies lol?

  2. I didn’t mean cheat you with the prices. I meant that maybe they added those stuff just to make it look like it’s a legal service just like amazon or something so that the MOI wont shut it down. They’re still running their store up in ri7ab. But even if that was the case, anyone can see that the DVDs are new releases and can’t possibly be offical ones so yeah my theory is groundless :/ iff i dunno really 3baid, I just felt their new site is silly, dont ask laish :P I just feel it.

  3. I was surprised how old MacBigStore was without hearing about it. The renaming now explains it :)

    Funny thing is, I heard one of those online pirated DVD selling sites has Knet payment!

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