I Miss You, I Miss You Not

“The amount of yearning for someone (or something) is not determined by the time or distance spent apart, but rather the amount of time you think of them (or it) during their absence.” -3baid

Friends: Hey 3baid, where have you been; we missed you!
3baid: Thanks, but wasn’t I with you two days ago?
Friends: Yeah but… wait… Saturday, Sunday… You’re right! But it felt like more :/


13 thoughts on “I Miss You, I Miss You Not

  1. True. When it’s the right time, right place, right weather- it seems so perfect and you have a great time, that’s when you yearn for something that much to miss it. Evidently he must have really enjoyed your previous get-together then.

  2. *stands on a chair and sings*

    Aaaaand he’s a jolly good feellla and he’s jolly good fella and he’s a joolly good feeeeeeeeelllllaaaaaaaaaa and EVERYONE can deny :PpPp

    Happy Birthday 3bood :) What’s the big number? *wiggling eyebrows*

  3. I don’t believe in Miss You’s anymore .. It seems like it’s been overused. People who you don’t know very well msg you & be like I Miss You! I’m thinking to myself what the hell? I don’t know you that well for you to miss me! I believe that the phrase is not genuinely used anymore.. except from people who you miss too ;) .. Does that make sense? lol

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