I’m supposed to write 8 things that my readers don’t know about me. Hm… lets see…

  • Up until the first few years in college, I used to be quite good at Arabic grammar. Now, all is forgotten.
  • For a couple of years during early highschool, a friend would buy the same school bag, pencil case, pens, etc. that I had because he wanted to be as “cool” as I was. I had to change my own equipment later because things got awkward.
  • I have low tolerance for fake formalities, etiquette intended for prestigious purposes, and materialistic people who refuse to be seen in anything less than “kash’7a” (their best appearance) at all times. More so, if they can’t have an intelligent conversation.
  • I have been blogging with friends way before the term “blog” or “web-log” existed. Back then we used CGI-Scripts to write posts and experimented with PHPNuke (a buggy content management system). It was later destroyed, thanks to a server failure, and we decided not to bother rebuilding it since nobody was reading our garbage anyway.
  • I still don’t care about people’s backgrounds. The terms “3ayam”, “mu6aw3a”, or however many subgroups/classes/subcultures are out there, have no meaning to me. I didn’t care when I was 2, I’m not going to care now either. I look at people individually and judge whether they’re respectable or not.
  • I’ve spent 2 hours thinking of what to write for this list so I ought to deserve skipping the last two points :P
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    I tag everyone on the blogroll.

14 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. Do I really have to be tagged? I’ll just ignore the fact that my blog is on your blogroll :P ok I’ll just answer here then…

    1. I’m a pianist for 19 years
    2. I like grapes and mature cheddar cheese
    3. I slapped a girl in school once for breaking my necklace.
    4. I hate rules and being constraint. I like to be free and I like to hang around free spirits.
    5. I used to cut classes just because I ‘felt’ like it.
    6. I hate jealous and possessive people.
    7. I flunked math 3 times and I still don’t know my multiplications.
    8. I’m different and I like it.

  2. Wow, guess I’m tagged? :p

    I used to mess around with phpnuke before, I never got to do anything productive with it though.

    I agree with all the other points! 100%!

    I hate fake formalities, so I think people should make them genuine and really mean what they say and do.

  3. iNoor, look on the bright side: once you’re done, you can tag other people and make them miserable! BWAHAHAH! >:D

    Cixousy, you could teach me :P

  4. 3baid:
    [I have low tolerance for fake formalities]: then you must have high temper most of time since you are in Kuwait.
    [I used to be quite good at Arabic grammar.] After leaving college, I forgot how to write arabic numbers ;/

    My list:

    – I was addicted for IRC (as many) for years. It was only after I left it my life got better
    – In college, I was like a stock index. High scores in computer topics, low ones in others.
    – when I love a video game, like Mafia, don’t even knock on the door while I’m playing :)
    – my last pleasure trip was in 1997 (Can you believe that?) P.S. I am kuwaiti
    – I don’t eat fish. as a matter of fact I don’t eat anything that comes out of water
    – speaking of Water, I think I somehow over drink it at times.
    – I don’t know how to wear ‘3etra, I hate dishdasha. I only wear plain dishdasha (no ‘3etra) for 3ers or God forbid 3aza
    – I dont know how to shop for clothes ;/

  5. I think i’ve done something similar ….
    *takes a look* nope i haven’t
    i’ll star this and do it when i get the time :)
    bss i must say i think there is more to you that what you have revealed above

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