Mac-less For 24 Days

As of today, my iMac has been in for repair for 24 days and I’ve been using a Windows machine for the meanwhile. But seeing that it’s going to take yet another week or so to get it back, I thought it would be suitable to share with you, some of the features that I personally miss about having a Mac:

Dictionary – place the cursor on a word, hit Cmd + Ctrl + D and you have its meaning. Instantly.
Bluetooth – every Mac comes with Bluetooth. Every single machine; it’s a standard. I don’t have to get a USB stick, or use a cable and install the drivers to my phone just to blog a photo.
Spotlight – searching for files takes seconds. No red torchlight please; I want results.
Maintenance – I don’t have to defragment my drive or update my antivirus/antispam/antispyware. Period.
Keychain – how can I keep track of all my passwords? Write a little text file on notepad? Install a third party app that may or may not work with all programs? Memorize everything and hope I don’t forget it? You tell me :/
iTunes – I’m aware that there’s a Windows version, but Macs, don’t come bundled with the annoying Media Player 11! >_< Seriously, how can people navigate it when most of it is contextual?
Spell Checking – Firefox 2 has it, Word has it, but that’s about it on Windows. Macs have it system-wide.

There are a few more, but thanks to modern web-based applications like Gmail, Google Calendar, etc… you don’t have to use the programs that come on Windows anymore.

5 thoughts on “Mac-less For 24 Days

  1. I’m a mac user for nearly a month now and im in love with it.. i cant part from it.. windows now feels like its from the stone age :)

  2. I’ve been computerless/internetless before. It’s alright as long as you have something to do, but as soon as you’re bored or curious about online matters… *horror* @_@

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