7 Hours In Bed…

Sleeping cat

…and yet, I’m still awake. Maybe it’s the coffee that I shouldn’t have had. Or maybe it’s just me.


15 thoughts on “7 Hours In Bed…

  1. Nooooooooooooooosi el cat! You know how much coffee I have a day! Maskhara! like2 mugs of nescafe; around 5 turkish coffee small thingies – tea & if am hanging out some place, lazem coffee! I too can’t sleep :D

  2. Alot of people make this mistake of lingering in bed when they cant sleep. If you can’t sleep, its better to get up and try to do something ‘light’ for a few minutes, drowziness usually hits you. Try it :) I usually get up, drink from a hot mug, walk around the garden or even paint a wall :P When insomnia hit me in my early 20s, I set up wallpapers in a room that no one uses, every night I do one layer and then go to bed- end of the month I had a blue floral room. Insomnia become productive hehe Works for me, hehe :)

  3. chikapappi, I don’t drink coffee at all so I’m extra sensitive to caffeine :/

    Fayoor, Don’t worry, I did a lot of useful things.

    cixousianpanic, hehe meanie :P

    Morbid Curiosity, yeah, but you’re used to it, no? :P

    Very.Q8ya, I watched 6 videos. Does that count?

    Missy, Go to flickr, search for cats and stare at them at regular intervals, perhaps you’ll feel better XD

    Princess, how can you be so sure? :P

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