Only Mika Would Pull It Off

I can so imagine this:

Guy: Big gurl, you are beautay-fall… *sway*
Gal: OMG! Are you calling me fat?!
Guy: um.. I said you are beautiful?
Gal: Chub! (Shut up!)
Guy: :(

Watch Mika’s music video

16 thoughts on “Only Mika Would Pull It Off

  1. HEY YOU!
    How did you get past 56 ?!?!?!?! AY BUTTON!?!?!?!?!

    im talking about the impossible Quiz :$
    Mitt wana adawer .. i tried them all .. kilhum wrong damn it

  2. Fayoor, tell me what the question was and I’ll tell you.

    Princess, be honest, wouldn’t you say that too?

    Cixousy, great song, but I dunno if anyone could pull off that high-pitched voice :o

    Chikapappi, Mika hearts you back :P

  3. I went to a Mika concert at the tripod in dublin… he was good… not many ppl could hit those high notes like he does live


    lol I love his songs.
    when I panic at a final exam I go like “RELAX! take it eas-ay!”
    When I gain few pounds I go like “Big girl you are beaut-ay f-a-ul”
    When I watch a hot movie star I go like “(something something) my dad (something) til you fall in love” (dunno the lyrics :P)

    creative dude!

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