Qualitynet DNS Problems?

QualitynetDuring the past couple of months, I’ve noticed that Qualitynet users (at least the ones I know) have been having strange connection issues. Randomly, for about an hour or so, P2P networks would be working, but websites would stop loading on their browser.

After looking into it, I figured it was a DNS problem, which makes sense since P2P networks communication is via IP addresses so there is no DNS intervention. Also, local websites (such as this one) or ones hosted in the middle east would work fine.

One way around this is to use OpenDNS (although I couldn’t test it at the time), another is to simply call and complain about their DNS Servers (don’t accept the a-shark-bit-our-cables excuse). If you’re a geek though, you’ve probably memorized all the IP addresses to your favorite websites anyway :P

Unanswered Questions:
How come ISPs don’t have blogs?
Why doesn’t FastTelco have hotspots?


12 thoughts on “Qualitynet DNS Problems?

  1. sijj mafhmT ;p bs i do face these problems dns shit o the ip crap o NEVER got wat that meant!
    oh just two weeks ago (after being an addict to the internet for 7 yrs) dad told me the flashing thingies eli bl modem is for the internet o other one for dsl! huh hows that?:p

  2. I didn’t encounter the DNS problem but I do say the service has been going terrible I am considering switch. Only problem is, who gives a decent service here in Kuwait ;/

    As for fasttelco hotspots: They wouldn’t care they are going for the WiMax now :)

  3. Morbid Curiosity, call your IT department! :P

    Fayoora, LOL no dear, I only get a few seconds to act and there’s no way to skip it. None of the given answers work, it’s a trick questions. By the time I redo all the questions again, it’s not worth it anymore :/

    Rayboy, satellite suffers from latency and poor uploading. Any idea on the pricing though?

  4. eeh walla .. yoom yeshte`3el okay o yomein kharban .. wayed m9ekhoha bas shensawi walla better than others.. o ilcustomer service bad bad bad .. kel ma adeq busy or waiting ! 7zat il`6a`36!

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