4 GB iPhone for KD 190!

I just got off the phone with one of my relatives who accidentally stumbled upon a shop (in Kuwait) that sold iPhones for KD 190. Despite the fact that these phones are locked to US AT&T customers, the seller claimed that he had already sold quite a few of them and is about to run out of his first batch.

This is great news for iPhone enthusiasts especially after the announcement of the unlocking software tool, and may well be a good indication of the market pricing strategies for when the device is officially unlocked.

Note: The exact name and location of the shop shall remain undisclosed. If the thought of hearing someone say, “I actually touched it!” makes you quiver and you’re willing to give up large sums of money, then an offer is negotiable :]


11 thoughts on “4 GB iPhone for KD 190!

  1. cixousianpanic, 300 KD?! That’s a lot :/ And yes, it’s been unlocked (see the link in my post).

    Fayoor, :P

    Bashar, the “iPaperweight!

    MC, but.. must.. touch.. the holy.. iPhone

    MacaholiQ8, some people would buy it for it’s ipod features alone!

  2. its ridiculous how some people have went nuts over the iPhone… its not really that big a deal; so you have a phone and an ipod in one… blah…

    try the N95… now THATS a phone

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