New Speed Cameras?

Speed cameraOn my short road journey this morning, I noticed a new speed camera had been placed on Damascus street near the Al-Rowda area, permanently replacing the random car camera that used to park on the sidewalk. I didn’t think much of it until later today, when I received an unexpected email from a friend warning me of a new one on the Fahaheel expressway.

Has anyone else spotted new cameras popping up in different parts of Kuwait? Ironically, since we’re all in Tarsheed season, does anyone have any clue how much power these things consume per day? :/


11 thoughts on “New Speed Cameras?

  1. DAMN. And I thought we are done with those speed cameras. Man, what gets on my nerve is police cars are worst drivers and they park at high speed road to organize traffic or give ticket ;/

    Speaking of rawda speed cam car… I was about to blow it one time. it caught me two days in a row, same speed exactly. I know I shouldn’t be driving fast and those cameras are meant to make people more discipline. But question is, does it work? People drive crazy and suddenly push hard on the brakes almost causing an accident just to avoid speed camera.

    I think we should update Google earth with speed cam locations :)

    [does anyone have any clue how much power these things consume per day?]
    I know it makes hell lot of money :). Thats enough for them. Wanna laugh? see KTV just for change (It’s still on yes!). They have summer sport competitions including water games. After they waste all the water the man says:” we would like to remind you of tarsheed. Go easy on water and power”!!!

  2. I hate the cameras too, was caught once only & that was from racing with a guy!! Hehehe! Maskhara! I totally deserve it but yeah, they do make lots of money out of it…

  3. hhehe that one in damascus is a killer! I didnt know it existed (the car) until it had gotten me around 5 times : ) I’m glad its official now, at least it’s clear :D I only saw it today too.

  4. I drive on damascus street on a daily basis.. good thing to know about the speed camera when i get back to the country… I think i am yet to be caught by one.. then again i’m usually driving other peoples cars :D

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