“3baid, how come…”

…you don’t comment on my blog?
Chances are, I’ve read your post but:

  1. Didn’t have anything to add to the topic.
  2. Didn’t have the time to type a proper response.
  3. Noticed someone else has already made my point.

…you don’t comment on my blog?
Chances are, I’ve read your post but:

  1. Didn’t have anything to add to the topic.
  2. Didn’t have the time to type a proper response.
  3. Noticed someone else has already made my point.

…you don’t reply to my comment?
Probably for the same reasons above, but I assure you, I read ’em all.

…I’m not on your blogroll?
My blogroll is constantly changing and I use it to manually visit blogs if I feel that my feeds have been slowing down. It is also a way for me to promote newer blogs (even though they may not be interesting at first). Finally, I don’t want my blogroll to be very long because that would defy its purpose. I personally prefer to link to active bloggers though.


31 thoughts on ““3baid, how come…”

  1. Pretty straight forward :P

    I’m with you on the loading thing, alot of blogs take ages to load and mine is at the top! I can’t help it, i love decorating :P

  2. Sorry to hear that but you’re going to have to find out who I am now and update your blogroll lol. Truly I think you shouldn’t though considering how many changes I do, but this time I have a good reason- I had a psycho-case, hence the undercover.

    I like your simplicity… comforts the eye

  3. Ms Loala, thank you :)

    Morbid Curiosity, yup!

    Peach, I keep confusing you with another few bloggers with the same nickname :/

    Fayoor, I like that design a lot as well :D

    Vixen, You make my blog sound like it’s an RPG or something haha. You’re welecome :]

  4. Heheheh ok that’s funny :D I was just looking at one for KH2 still didnt finish it !
    You do the walkthrough (and cheats if any), I can write the review :P

  5. I like your responses. Firm so they don’t really leave room for more questions but polite nonetheless :)

    Still, I have a “how come” for you: I got to this website through my statcounter so I thought that someone read my website by clicking on a link in this website but when I came here I noticed I was not on your blogroll so howcome your website showed on my statcounter?

  6. 3baid, I have a few questions. In wordpress when you upload pictures to your posts, first what I do is I go to my free image hosting provier and then upload it there, then go to my post and paste the picture code. That’s the way to do it, right? Is there an easier shortcut?

  7. Peach, yes look:
    http://mishmishat.blogspot.com/ -The arabic for peach at least

    Vixen, there are no cheats: All posts have been unlocked and you get infinite comments already!

    1001 Nights, you’ve been on my blog roll for a long time so I’ve removed you (as well as a few other blogs) from the blogroll to add the newer blogs. Like I mentioned, I still read your blog, but I just want to give other bloggers the opportunity of the exposure. I’ll probably add it back in later since it’s already saved on my invisible list.

    iNoor, is there anything I haven’t answered already? :P

    Missy, you can upload from wordpress but you have a 50 MB limit. The other way is to use a free image hosting site (you can find one in my tools page) and paste it like you said. There’s no shortcut I’m afraid, but I think there are programs that will upload pictures and give you the link slightly faster.

  8. No no Im sorry I didnt mean it that way at all. Im glad to have you as a reader whenever you feel like it and I dont mean to interfere with who you decide to put on your blogroll. I was just curious from an internet-technical aspect because I didnt understand how your blog showed up yesterday since I wasnt on your blogroll, thats all. Maybe because you clicked it from your invisible list? Madri..I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to certain internet things so I was just curious.

  9. 1001 Nights, you were on the blogroll yesterday, so someone must’ve clicked :P

    Vixen, there is no “ending”. The blog keeps getting expansion packs :]

    Very.Q8ya, ask Fayoora, she passed it :)

    Laialy_q8, if you go to your comment management page in wordpress, you should be able to see the name, email, date and time of all comments.

  10. Bashar, even though that stops most spam, it won’t prevent bots from continuously attempting to spam the site. Thanks for the suggestion, though :)

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