Shiny OS

Back in July, I wrote a miniature review of Apple’s upcoming OS, highlighting some of its features. Most noticeable, was its well-polished interface, including a glossy dock, sharper icons and overall improved visual contrasts.

Today, and to my surprise, the latest screenshots from Think Secret reveal even more refined icons showing impressive detail, and a cool new default space desktop wallpaper!

You can check out their gallery here.

14 thoughts on “Shiny OS

  1. N., I agree. I want it on a 30″ Cinema display! @_@

    Vixen, Leopard makes Tiger look ugly. Plus it’s much faster.

    Chikapappi, start saving! The new one comes out in october so you still have time :)

    Fayoor, the current one is Tiger (10.4). Leopard is the next version (10.5). Got it? :P

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