Warning: Excessive Cute Footage

Sensitive viewers be advised.


33 thoughts on “Warning: Excessive Cute Footage

  1. It looks like a carbon copy of my two kittens :'( 1 single ‘meow’, I love their voices!!! I really miss having them sleeping next to my feet below the desk, and finding their tail under my pillows!! I WANT THEM BACK!!!

  2. Fayoor, you’re just not a cat person :P

    Vixen, show us yours then :]

    Blue dress, found it on youtube. I’m not allowed to have one.

    Peach, yes Stewie, but he’s no match for kitty!

    chikapappi, don’t be greedy! You already have tons of cats of your own >_<

  3. ummm .. actually he is a match for her .. know why?

    Cuz I have Stewie & You don’t have Kitty :P So in my case the cutteness overdose is continous & more intense ..


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