Life’s Too Short For Doubt

“It doesn’t matter where you go; it’s who you’re with!” -3baid

I had a nightmare that I was back in highschool. Again. *shudders*

19 thoughts on “Life’s Too Short For Doubt

  1. Nice quote, sad dream. I once had a worse nightmare. I woke up in panic. It was about going back to attending soccer games in Kuwait!

    God was it a waste of time.

  2. I wish I was back in grade school… life was easier then.

    It’s true though your quote. You can sit in your car and order juice from a bagala wearing trainers and still have a great time with someone you enjoy talking to.

  3. chikapappi, everything sucks :O

    iNoor, you can’t type “<“, you have to type it like this: “& lt;” without the space.

    Missy, or you could be in Italy with a really annoying group of people who don’t want to do anything all day! :/

    Blue dress, so what does?

  4. I’ve had nighhtmares or missing highschool finals!
    Or taking highschool physics final, in a disco club!

    lol those were my pretty nightmares of highschool…

    and I thought college would be better, how naive of me!!

    GaaaaaH!! *planning to set KU on fire*

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