Oppressed Or Making Progress?

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I saw this on digg entitled, “Today, I went swimming with my wife”.


25 thoughts on “Oppressed Or Making Progress?

  1. progress,
    mafeha shay.. she’s with her husband, and they’re having fun, ham she’s doing the right thing in not showing parts of her body as most girls do in wearing only two pieces and somtime only “ONE” which is cheap” =]
    fa allah yhanehum

  2. Just cuz it’s not something you’re used to seeing or doing yourself doesn’t mean it’s ‘wrong’. At least they’re having fun together. Allah ihanihom o yas3idhom.

  3. I feel bad for her, all that material must really way her down in the water. Good exercise though!

    I do think that there are things that are more appropriate to wear in the water that could also cover. The issue for me is not that she is jumping in her 3abaya and niqab. Its that she is jumping in fully clothed.

    If you saw a guy or girl swimming around a pool in jeans and a sweater, you wouldn’t think its right. Same thing here, your not supposed to jump in a pool with your clothes on.

  4. If they’re in the sea (which most likely they are) then it doesn’t matter if she’s in full clothes MorbidCuriosity, but if it’s a pool then that’s a different case. I still say even though it feels weird when you look at it, because it’s not something we do or the ‘style’ that we’re accustomed to, but it’s not necessarily wrong of them…

  5. I think it’s progress simply because I’ve seen married couples where the man would jump in the water while his wife just sat at the beach and watched. Joining in would never an option.

  6. I like the patient and encouraging way he is looking at her. I like it that she is taking the chance, and getting in the water. Even though the clothing might be restrictive, she is gaining experience in the water. Good for her.

  7. Morbid Curiosity, okay that’s just wrong! XD

    Intlxpatr, I like how you put it “gaining experience” :P I think it’s more like, she’s remembering the days of her childhood when it was “okay”.

  8. Now that’s a woman who just insist on swimming one way or another.

    I recently had the bad honor of being in Aqua Park… saw many women in the pools with their 3abaya!! 3abaya 3ad?? in the god damn swimming pool? I mean… if you really want to swim, for god sake, go to one of those ladies-only pools.

  9. hmm, I think it’s ok but for me:

    1. I wear normal hijab but I just can’t do that in public
    2. I am wondering how hot it is because black observes even more heat.
    3. I don’t know how they swim with all those layers!!
    I am the wife who sits on the beach and watches lol! Not because it’s not an option but I can’t do it!!

  10. OMG LOOOOOOOOOOL i’m missing out on kuwait and its progress dam studys … but that is a joke wtf are they doing (what happened to the islam (-_-)) looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool .. kaaaaaaaaaaak its to funny

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