I’m getting so many email forwards that I’m considering Email Dump (a la Paper Dump), except it would take more effort on my part to post stuff and I barely have time for myself these days. Plus, I’d rather be using that time reading and commenting on more meaningful blogs, no? :P

Speaking of Paper Dump, since my iMac’s been sent for repairs, my desk has been piling up with scraps of paper and leaflets that need to get posted. I’m hoping I’d get around doing that soon; the blog is starting to feel dead.

Update: I created Mail Dump as a test, but for some strange reason, the URL redirects to Gmail?! Try it out:



  • Mail-to-blogger doesn’t support image upload of attachments
  • Poor email formating may cause the page layout to break

19 thoughts on “Contemplations

  1. lol What i’m going to say might sound very weird to you but I swear- Wallah il3a’6im (o ana 9aima) ina sometimes I think about things and then YOU BLOG ABOUT THEM!! The moment I look at the post I go “WHOA!!” How the hell did he know I was thinking about that today! Like paper dump! I was making a mental note to add the button to my site soon and I was also thinking how much effort it took you to post all of those flyers and then today you post aobut paperdump!

    I am starting to believe in telepathy, either that or your brain likes to communicate with my brain on weird days :/

  2. Why not get a team to help you out? E-mail dump sounds nice tho. I can also not count the number of fake (haox) e-mail forwards I have received! They’re so many!

  3. Missy-TheOriginal, hehe like they say, great minds think alike ;)

    N., I could make a team blog, but I don’t want spam posts. It would be something like my previous Hello Kitty Airways post, and other interesting stuff. Hmm.. now that I think about it, I guess I could send invites and then moderate it.

  4. And I can generate ideas for you. I could be like the site advisor or consultant hehehe… See, everyone wants to join now :D

  5. 3baid: I understand the problem of not being able to update the blog. In that case I would suggest you delegate permissions to people you trust as Paper Dump is great idea not properly being worked on (Not your fault).

    The Mail Dump does not redirect to Gmail but has gmail icon in the url!

    The idea it self is good for 2 reasons:

    1- You share the interesting items with the world
    2- You can refer back to them any time.

  6. Laialy_q8, you make it sound like I’m actually making money off of this. You can have 100% of the revenue because it doesn’t exist :P

    Missy-TheOriginal, I’m open for ideas and suggestions so go ahead.

    Bashar, the root URL ( does!

    Vixen, you can help out. I just need time to set it up first and test some things.

    Whiskey, soon as the music starts playing.

  7. 3baid: Means this mail* subdomain is kinda reserved for future gmail uses most likely.

    by the, for the issue of not having enough time to update, there is a way to make posts via email so that would make it a lot easier and faster for mail-dump.

  8. Peach, I usually do, but some of ’em are worth sharing and commenting on.

    Unless someone can offer a better solution, this idea is not going to be very doable. :/

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