The New iPod Nano

I watched Apple’s presentation this morning and I still don’t know what I like more. The Shuffles get new colors, the Nanos get CoverFlow and video, the Classics gets thinner while doubling their storage space, and then there’s the iPod Touch, which is like the iPhone without the phone features, but retains the Wifi capabilities… Yeah, I’ve yet to make a pick.

Shuffle – Great for running/exercise/tossing and dont-care situations.
Nano – Perfect pocket companion and fun for watching podcast shows.
Classic – All my video collection would be on there.
Touch – I could web browse from any hotspot and play with multitouch.

Which one would you go for?


27 thoughts on “iBiscuits

  1. I love my fuscia classic and I’m very loyal to it, but I wouldnt mind playing with the ‘touch’ just to explore it. If you get it, tell me so I can try it for a few days :P

  2. The idea of them to all be different is to buy more than one product! It is hard to decide, it depends totally on what you do mostly with your time and how you would use the iPod. I’d wait for a Touch with more capacity, 16gb isn’t going to cut it!

  3. hmm, if yoiu are getting the iphone then don’t get the itouch.. the shuffle Personally I don’t like it.. and WHY there’s no white anymore :(

    Do you need more space for videos? I don’t think it’s worth buying a new one for videos if you don’t need space.

  4. Hey 3baid, is there any good torrents site left? All the ones I use are blocked :( I should have downloaded my stuff when I was in europe. I need to download Life Journal but I dunno from where.

  5. Blue Dress, the new nano doesn’t look as nice, but it packs much more features.

    Missy-TheOriginal, I’m not planning on buying anything new. I’m just comparing these products for any future purchases that I might make. And you’re using Qualitynet aren’t you? Fast Telco doesn’t block them but I think Mini Nova and TorrentSpy (without the “www” in the beginning) should work for you.

    N. you’re right. The closest thing to the all-in-one device is the iPhone, so it’s best to wait for the next generation of those.

    Shayouma, I’m going to miss the white too :/ The metal is supposed to make it scratch-resistant and longer-lasting.

    Wer3Y, everbody’s waiting…

  6. lol I thought there was something weird with the address I wrote. I typed http://www.spytorrents.com and I had millions of angry exclamation marks on my head “WHY THE HELL IS NOT WORKING” *bang bang on keyboard* Tawni aktishif it’s Torrentspy hehehehhe… Thanks :)

  7. 3baid: Since you had your advice on my blog I will return it here.
    I think new iPod is more of luxury. If functionality and space is what you want, classic would do better, and at a better price.

    I think if I buy iPod Touch now, I would WOW everyone around me. 6 months down the road I would say, the extra spending I made now is worthless. It’s not new anymore, and I’m not using it.

  8. Personally, I want the RED Shuffle just to use for those times where I don’t need a screen.

    The nano, when I don’t want to access the net but then again it could be seen as pointless.

    The Touch because I don’t want to combine my phone with my iPod. Might as well have one that gives me an internet feature better than messing it up by adding the phone.

  9. i bought the 80GB classic one last month!!!!!!! now it’s double capacity, slimmer, and same price!!! i hate apple!

    a question though, i bought it for picture storage. it keeps freezing whenever i upload pics from my cam! is it 3adi or do i have to repair it?

  10. Try restoring it. There’s a “Restore” button in iTunes that appears once you connect the iPod. If that doesn’t fix it, check if your image files aren’t corrupt by testing it with just one or two photos from different sources. If you still think there’s something wrong with it, you could take it to get it fixed at one of the Mac stores.

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