Mac & No More?


I found out today that Mac&More is planning on a name change. They’re also planning on organizing a Mac community around Kuwait to participate in seminars and such. If you’re interested, check out their booth at the Marina Mall bridge.


15 thoughts on “Mac & No More?

  1. Hello,

    Nice blog, Ive been reading it for the past couple of months and I love the layout :)

    My only issue is with the older posts link. Scrolling back to 51 pages is such a hassle, with each containing only three! And when I click to read more about the topic and go back, it takes me back to the first/newest page in the archive!

  2. Farawla, thank you! The archive on the main page is meant for quick searching. If you want to browse through the blog, you should click on Archives at the top. There’s not much I can do to fix this so a simple solution would be to click on a post and then use the previous and next arrows < < >> to jump through them.

  3. They should bring the original shop, like in the rest of the world but the problem, in kuwait, we don’t get good customer service or help. I mean, a friend went to the shop once and asked someone for advice on which MAC to get and he was like Errrm we have Apple here.. I mean SERIOUSLY!!

  4. We have changed our name to ‘Digits’

    You know us as ‘Mac & More. With Apple taking back its AppleCentre brand for its own use, we had to change our name. We still have the same close relationships with Apple. We still have our Apple Authorized Service Centre. We now have Apple’s highest reseller status – Apple Premium Reseller. And we have our new name

    ; )

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