Second MTC Incident

Last year, I wrote about an incident with MTC‘s (I still refuse to refer to them as Zain) customer service support. I had called in to have my account canceled and the agent on the other end had assured me that the phone line had been deactivated. I later found out that deactivating is not the same as unsubscribing.

Yesterday, my mother, who is already aware of my previous incident, decided to go to a phone branch to cancel her subscription. The shop keeper asked that she’d pay all outstanding fees and then an extra 5 KD to issue a cancellation request.

Having done all that, today she noticed that her phone line was still active. She called MTC and explained that she had already paid the 5 KD to cancel, but they said, “only official MTC branches have the authority to cancel accounts!”. Great.

I’m going to investigate the whole issue tomorrow and talk to someone face-to-face, but what I still don’t understand is why can’t salespeople be honest about these requests? Keep this up and they’ll lose customer loyalty.


9 thoughts on “Second MTC Incident

  1. Same thing happened to me with NBK, I wanted to cancel my MasterCard and Visa, and they assured me that they’re deactivated. They even called me to verifty and I confirmed. I still log into my account and find my Mastercard still activated. In regards to NBK, they probably do that to suck your money even when you’re not aware of it, but I’m not sure why MTC does that. I dont think they get benefits in leaving a line open, do they?

  2. eeey sa7 when i lost my phone in lebanon i called MTC 3ashan i cancel my line temp .. they charged me 5 K.D bs 3ogobha i can reactivate it… m3nata yemken il mwathaf illi saKKar kha6 il-walda, yemken saKKara mo’aQataaN

  3. That’s rip off not strange or a mistake. Did your mother go to MTC branch or reseller?

    @ Ali Deera: You have close friends from the other company so your word is not creditable :). Maybe mine now is.

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