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17 thoughts on “Wha’eva!

  1. Nig6a!!!! TALK TO THE HAND TALK TO THE HAND loooool

    3baid, another perplexing question. Why is firefox better than explorer? People always tell me “Wai abey sha5bari” when I mention I still use the latter.

  2. Missy-TheOriginal, there are millions of reasons why Firefox is better than IE. To name just a few: plugins, support for standards, session restorer, quick search, quick find (within a page), and no “hidden things” within your cached files. It can do things IE will never come close to.

    Chikapappi, since you’ve asked for it, I’ll make one soon as I have the time.

    cixousianpanic, Wha’evaaaaaa :/

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