Kuwait Blogger Quiz

I had to set up the quiz twice since I accidentally reseted it towards the end. No matter; it’s done as Chikapappi‘s request so go ahead.

Take the Quiz


34 thoughts on “Kuwait Blogger Quiz

  1. I did better *wiggling eyebrows* The question about me was the hardest! I mean who would have thought that a sushi could write about peaches! I AM JUST THE BEST!!!

  2. Missy-TheOriginal, don’t blame me when they get better scores then :P

    dandoon, is it really that hard? :/

    Laialy_q8, why not? Wha’evaaa!

    chikapappi, I thought you’d do better too :P

  3. 3baid: LOL… man fetha7tna :P

    People will point to me next time I go to cinema.
    And who is this pregnant lady? I just stroke it by chance I don’t even know if the lady has a blog.

    And how the hell did you know about the banana mistake :P

    Nice quiz mate… With strong Curve I could make it.

  4. EEEeee!!!! Fattoush the cat!!! She came out of the bushes and a symphony of adoringly cutsey meows hovered in the air! She grew so much! 5 cintimeters from every direction! It brought a tear to my eyes to see the once tiny bag of cat fur grow so fast

    *violin playing in the background*

    LOL :P

  5. Missy-TheOriginal, how melodramatic of you XD

    Very.Q8ya, mubrook! And sorry to tell you that you can’t use custom themes on wordpress unless you pay for them or get your own paid host.

    Bashar, I still don’t get what “fethe7a” you’re talking about. That post is public on your blog, so I’m not revealing something private :/
    Also, it wouldn’t be fare to reward anyone since cheating can be done easily. The quiz is just something fun to :)

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