Haven’t You Heard?

A friend of mine sent me an SMS the other day:

“I just heard a Vista ad on the radio!!! :(“

Linux and Apple fandom aside, I think Microsoft’s persistent efforts to push Windows into the market is just reassurance of that fact that they’re losing ground to other competitors. A quick look at the Global Web Stats reveals that Mac OS X still has a larger marketshare than Vista. And Linux might as well have a chance of catching up to it with the upcoming release of the popular distribution, Ubuntu.


5 thoughts on “Haven’t You Heard?

  1. MS screwed up with Vista, they pushed the release so far back (notice it was pushed after new introductions to new features in mac osx) and they lost ground. With the stability XP has right now, why would people move to something unstable? Even in a business environment only a crazy IT manager would switch his productive computers to Vista, it isn’t that stable yet.

    They might get a little bit more of their market share back, but I highly doubt Apple and Ubuntu are going to stand back. Have you seen the new Compiz Fusion? :O That is hot. I hope they can get that on the mac!

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