Sorry Safat!

You might have noticed that there are about seven Paper Dumps on Safat today, most of which are food-related. But, you can manage to hold off for a few hours right? :P


9 thoughts on “Sorry Safat!

  1. I can’t seem to add your button to my blog 3baid. I dont have the upgraded version of wordpress so I used one of the text wedges and inserted the code. When I did that, only the link showed inside an empty box without the icon showing.

    I think I need a looooong hot shower and a long deep sleep. I dunno about u guys but I seriously got tired today. My sugar level dropped. I think it’s the flu or someting…damn it

  2. chikapappi, enough fooood!!! :O

    Missy, salamat. There’s another way to add the link. Add it to your blogroll but place it in another catagory called links and specify its image.

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