Fasting Tips

Fasting Cat

Here are some points to keep in mind about eating during this holy month:

  • Soda and coffee dehydrate your body, which can also sap your energy. Drinking water, organic herbal teas and probiotic liquids provide energy and hydration. *cough*laialyandchikapappi*cough*
  • To get the most out of your food, you need to chew properly and take your time.
  • We’re used to drinking while we eat, but that’s not the natural way our digestive system works. Avoid drinking lots of liquids 20-30 minutes before and after your meals as liquids interfere with your ability to properly breakdown food.
  • Eat complex carbohydrate foods (such as barley, wheat, oats, semolina, lentils, flour, rice, beans, potatoes and fruit) because they lasts longer making you less hungry.

Leave a comment if you know any more :)


24 thoughts on “Fasting Tips

  1. lol cuuta! I usually eat a salad or drink soup first, go pray ma’3arb then properly DIG IN, I feel that helps somehow, otherwise I feel like throwing up or fainting.

  2. Sleep till it’s before 20 minutes before 3a9r prayer, and voila! Half of the day is gone ! Oh and make sure u stay up till Fajr :D Well that’s what I did yesterday and I’m completely wrecked, but hey, I am not hungry :P

  3. LOL! I actually did better today than yesterday o hate to burst your bubble bas I HAD TOO MUCH COFFEE O SUGAR! I can’t sleep! bas yeah, mostly I’ve done what you mentioned there.. ashkorak 3al na9aye7 – cuuuuuuuuuuuute cat :)

  4. Comment #1 : The kitty looks ugly
    Comment #2 : Also Big SANDWITCHES make you thirsty example (junkie ones like Mcdo oo Burger king.. bottom line .. DO NOT JUNK in Ramadhan. Dot
    Comment #3 : I’m watching Tomb raider 2 .. How gay is that?
    Comment #4 : Have your soup gabil la itdiboon 3al akil HEHE :D ooo bas.

    Thanx for your tips though

    ^^ That’s to fill the kitty bowl btw

  5. Fayoor, DO NOT JUNK in general! I’d watch Tom Raider since I haven’t seen it in years. Soup is always a good way to start since it’s easy on the stomach. I like Cheerios :]

  6. good simple tips :)

    here are my tip :

    Break your fast with something simple warm like cereal, soup, oat meal, with half a cup of warm water… not to shock your metabolism and not to stretch your stomach as well as you will allow your stomach to produce the digestive acids in proper amount to be ready for digesting your meal.

    After an hour or two have your meal and For sohour; make sure you don’t eat fish or salt containing food, this will dehydrate you during the day.

    and 9e7a o hana :P

  7. 3baid, I tried Marzouq’s link, but it just lags and doesn’t do anything :[ I tried and it worked! I uploaded one video to the ipod and now I tried to upload another- the site is weird. It’s telling me enter a valid email (which I already did and they used it previously). Can’t I just download a program to convert? But if I’m gonna do that, is it possible even to download utubes on my computer to convert?

  8. It’s not working here 3baid- I tried. I don’t wanna ask zouq cuz I know he’s busy. I’ll try again, thanks anyway.

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