You Must Listen!

The creators of the KDD vending machines feel that, “hearing the coin fall” is an essential step in the favorite-fruit-juice-obtaining process.

KDD vending machine


18 thoughts on “You Must Listen!

  1. ya salaaaam! where else would the coin go! maskhara- there was a vending machine at TDI – GUST where we used to take a course, god damn machine takes the money o nothing comes out! sho hada, old ad!

  2. You can just imagine people standing there with their ears stuck to the machine “Sssshhh…. aha… ok… there it goes… ok now push the button for the miranda”.

  3. but it actually does give a kind of relief when you feel coin fall. If you don’t, you would think something went wrong :)

    Still, where did you get the idea to snapshot it?

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