Access Log

Back in late July when I was updating my server, I noticed someone checking my blog using their SonyEricsson W850i. How… intimate of them? hehehe…

Sony accessing blog

click to enlarge

19 thoughts on “Access Log

  1. @@ Hmm… What else does that computer tell you?! C folks, we have a spy in here, he can tell what phones we’re using, what t-shirts we’re wearing, God knows what ELSE he knows. Tsk tsk tsk =P

  2. cixousianpanic, it would be funny if that person was a guy! XD

    Missy-TheOriginal, yes missy, I know where you live and what you have for fu6oor every sunset >:] Wahahahaaaa!!

  3. Sorry to bust your bubble folks, that was me! -NOT! I only use my phone to check my GMail, their app is very sweet!

    I don’t think that *person* would confess anytime soon hehe.

  4. Laialy_q8, famous? haaardly XD

    Missy-TheOriginal, I couldn’t help it :]

    Vixen, I know I am.

    Marzouq, I don’t know, I never tried it before.

    Fayoor, I don’t have that phone so, yes akeed mo ana :P

    Bashar, this sort of information wouldn’t be obtainable by regular stats services, you need raw access to the server :)

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