Blogging Done Right

I have written about blogging platforms in the past. Specifically, I’ve made comparisons between Blogger and WordPress as they remain to be the most popular choices by bloggers. When it comes to picking sides, the obvious answer has always been, “depends on what you want”.

From then on, I’ve experimented with other services that have crept up on the web. Some I liked more than others, but the fact still remains, there’s always a downside to each of these systems. That’s why I wrote a page about my gripe with blogs and how to -if possible- for some developer to design the ultimate blogging platform!

It’s been published a few days ago, but probably went unnoticed. Anyway, read through it, leave a comment, digg it, tell me what you think :)


12 thoughts on “Blogging Done Right

  1. you kids were partying her o ana half sleeping – KHALAS no one posts the video!

    nice posts 3beid, too many options that i really don;t get involved with wala understand :$ – am happy with wordpress till someone advises something better :)

  2. 1st blog I had was in blogger (2 yrs ago), then in wordpress, then in blogger, then currently in wordpress and now I miss Blogger terribly. The Delimma like you say, WordPress handles comments better and I don’t have to go blind or keep track of who said what where (such is the case in blogger). BUT YES THE FILE UPLOAD, Gooood!! How easy was that- a button *DING DONG* it’s uploaded, la photo service wala ba6i5. Nice observations wise-3baid *banging on table* ‘heee heee heee’

  3. Hee = House of Parliament Style (minus the white wig)

    P.S. wordpress has a dirty brain, when you type an ARROW, it deletes your comments – HOW stupid is that?!

  4. Marzouq, WordPress is much more flexible, like you said, but lacks a few things here and there. It’s also slightly disappointing that some plugins are inconsistent and may cause instability :/

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