Chocolate (of) Flavored Milk

I have come across a remarkable friend who has a true gift for spotting glitches and errors in almost everything he sets his eyes on, mashallah. We passed a small grocery shop to buy something to drink and he instantly notices this:

Chocolate (of) Flavored Milk
click to enlarge

I would’ve never spotted that! :O


23 thoughts on “Chocolate (of) Flavored Milk

  1. LOL!!!!!! 3baid i was starring at the goddamn picture for like 10mins.. i was like eshfeeeeeeeeeh hatha there is no badliya or something typing problems.. but in the end i noticed it ;P!! mashalah your friend is really good!

  2. Judy Abbott, LOL actually it would be green because it’s a grammatical error :P

    Marzouq, indeed :)

    N. Hahaha, maybe :P

    Chikapappi, Donuts, chocolate, icecream, repeat! When will your cravings calm down? :/

    Very.Q8ya, 3asa i3jibtich? :P

    Blue Dress, the title of the post is the hint.

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