Buffalo Salad At Lorenzino

Before Ramadan, Morbid Curiosity and I had gone to Lorenzino for a quick lunch. I ordered a salad that cost something like KD 3.700 and this –no joke– was all I got:

Lorenzino Salad


37 thoughts on “Buffalo Salad At Lorenzino

  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL… I really dumped my self on the table laughing at it :P

    This is even worse than LeNotre. I have taken few pics from there as well remind me to get them from the phone and post them :)

    What those people call HIGH CLASS FOOD to fool us and get money out of our pocket is complete rip off. Really I mean, what kind of salad is this? And how much does the Chef takes per hour? And I bet it didn’t taste good. And it better doesn’t, coz if it does, well you and your friend won’t get more than two bytes of it. This is what I call trailer of the dish not dish!

    I went with my wife to LeNotre, we spent 17 KD and I swear to God almost nothing tasted good, and I left thinking where I can get me lunch :(

  2. 1. that is one hell of a bad salad.
    2. where is the salad part in this plate
    3. why the tomatoes are empty
    4. I hope you didn’t eat it without saying anything it looks like a left over salad from other peoples plate
    5. this is one of a bad place i am definitely not going to
    6. talk about customer service! allah yekhali il baladeya o tetsha6ar etsheeel beyooot il dakhil il ma7doood.
    7. What did you do?

  3. Judy Abbott, don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of other options (salads) on the menu that came in larger dishes. Lorenzino’s food is not bad at all, it’s just that what I picked must’ve been one of those dishes that originate from a rare goat somewhere in the high mountains of the Alps. What did I do? I ate it! What else? I posted it so that people don’t make the same mistake :P

  4. Very.Q8ya, I’m not joking :/

    Bashar, people who underestimate blogs are naive and short-sighted. Don’t black-list the restaurant because they still got some good food. Just be sure to ask about the dish before ordering!

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  6. This is one of the crappiest restaurants ever, seriously.

    I think they are the cause of food-disorders in kuwait.

    We order food because we’re hungry and because we wanna freakin’ eat, mo 3ashan na7lif 3al akil!!

  7. This is hilarious, please don’t comment on a buffalo mozzerala salad if you don’t know what it is! Don’t ask where the lettuce is if you don’t know that this salad would be disgusting with it! Why order a buffalo mozzerala salad if you don’t know what you’re expecting.. And btw i have it in strict confidence that the mozzeralla price in Kuwait has increased hence the price inflation of the Salad. Go to Sultan and check it out. Instead of commenting out of ignorance and boredom try to educate yourself please;) Although 3baid i must agree the salad is a little small only because thats what this kind of salad consists of, mozzerala tomatoe pesto sometimes (the green goo) someone was commenting about, and basil. Try the mediteranean salad, piccata limone, and penne tomatoe sauce i love it!

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