Lorenzo Update

I got a chance to snap their menu this time; it’s called, Buffalo Mozzarella Salad.

Lorenzo Menu

Click for a larger image.

Take a look at the previous post if you don’t know what I’m referring to.


12 thoughts on “Lorenzo Update

  1. Bashar, LOOOL, I guess they’re still black-listed in your books? :P

    Chikapappi, I think I’ll stick to regular salads. Better safe than sorry!

    Marzouq, it wasn’t me; my siblings wanted to go.

  2. Dude, walla believe me & ask Blue :) my taste bel food, you can’t top it :P ! if you have the chance & want to try, seriously Casper’s salad is the best ma3a balsamic vin. ya salaaam

  3. I wonder wat the portion wud be like for the Rucola salad (cheapest thing on the list). 3 or 4 leaves perhaps? Designed in a flower shape with a drop of olive oil and vinegar dressing in the center. ;P

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