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Mishmisha is curious to know what my phone background is. I can assure you it’s nothing extraordinary.

Here it is:
phone background

I tag Ms Loala, Amu, and MacaholiQ8.


15 thoughts on “Tagged by Mishmisha

  1. I have a stupid question, what does tagged mean? I mean, i see that in many blogs and I have no idea what it means or how it works.. Mind my stupidity but I thought I’d ask since you brought up the subject lol..

  2. shayouma, if you’re tagged, you’re supposed to post the same thing the tagger posted. (Heard of 9aidah-ma-9aidah? Same idea! :P) “Tag! You’re it!” *run*

    Chikapappi, it’s a simple blue background.

    Marzouq, that theme is getting quite popular.

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